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our approach

Smart home technologies and home networking have long since arrived on the market. Nevertheless, up to now technical solutions have primarily been retrofitted and are not core elements of the overall concept. BOND | Unique Homes ® starts at this point and develops future-proof real estate and interior concepts that, in addition to a unique style, have the topics of security, comfort and entertainment deeply rooted in their DNA. 

BOND | Unique Homes ® creates stylish and innovative living environments, sets new technological standards and contributes to shaping new living trends. What was once technically science fiction, BOND | Unique Homes ® is implementing today. There are no limits to imagination and almost any idea can be realized by us. Please feel free to challenge us.

Boris Rupnik und Boris Grießhaber

Boris Rupnik and Boris Grießhaber 

About us

BOND | Unique Homes was founded by Boris Rupnik and Boris Grießhaber. Boris Rupnik is one of the most sought-after SmartHome experts in Europe. Together with his team he implements technical lifestyle solutions in the areas of home networking, security and comfort for demanding private customers. Overall project management and the development of unique technical solutions are part of his daily business.
gehören zu seinem Tagesgeschäft.

The real estate developer Boris Grießhaber brings his experience from the development and marketing of countless properties in the upscale residential segment specifically to the BOND projects. The design of properties and interior concepts with a unique style and special quality of living are among his main areas of activity. The two heads behind BOND have been close friends since their youth and have worked side by side professionally for many years.

Our living ideas exhibitions

The BOND | Unique Homes ® founders Boris Rupnik and Boris Grießhaber are also founders and initiators of the DESIGN.SMART.HOME exhibitions, which are among the leading exhibitions for unique interior design ideas in Germany. Numerous industry partners and around 30 owner-managed companies from various trades are already involved in this and these present the latest trends and product innovations from the world of upscale living culture there. The companies work together on construction projects as a well-coordinated team in order to implement them together, taking into account the highest quality standards.


Our Showrooms

The following are the core topics of our exhibitions. 

  • Smart Home Technology
  • Audio and video systems
  • security technology
  • Home electronics
  • Lighting design
  • luminous ceilings
  • Stucco and drywall construction
  • Wall and surface design
  • Parquet
  • Bathroom design
  • Kitchen design
  • Interior design
  • Functional furniture
  • Fabrics and textiles
  • textile interior design
  • Blackout systems
  • Accessories and decoration
  • and much more besides

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UNIQUE Garages

High-End Garagenausbau

UNIQUE Garages ist eine Ausgründung von BOND | Unique Homes ® und ist spezialisiert auf die Gestaltung außergewöhnlicher Erlebnisräume für Automobilsammler. Mit High-End-Materialien, modernsten Technologien und innovativen Sicherheitslösungen setzt UNIQUE Garages neue Standards in der Präsentation und Aufbewahrung von wertvollen Fahrzeugen.