product developments

Individuality in one's own home does not stop at inhabiting a special property with a unique interior design concept. When we develop design concepts for our clients, we always try to come up with exceptionally original and unique ideas that exactly match the character of our clients and their preferences. As a creative, you know that moment of "creative flow" when ideas just fly at you and the momentum takes on a magical character. This is the moment when you feel that something special is about to arise from many individual thoughts. Often something is still missing - a key feature - a product or detail that rounds it all off. It is in moments like these that we have the best ideas for our own product developments.


Our outdoor kitchen for lovers of the maritime lifestyle is not only a visual highlight. Inspired by the style of a gentleman's yacht, a fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to entertain guests outdoors is hidden inside the body. 

Originally, the BOND outdoor kitchen was designed for use in a pool area with a view of the sea. Concealed lighting illuminates the kitchen in an atmospheric way in the evening. Each kitchen is one of a kind and is handcrafted with unique design elements. 

BOND Outdoor Kitchen


The DREAMFRAME is an ambient light for the bedroom patented by BOND | Unique Homes ®, which in combination with special fabrics allows to transform any conventional bed into a canopy bed. Integrated in the Smart Home, the DREAMFRAME offers the possibility to be controlled automatically to wake up gently with light and can also give visual signals, for example when the doorbell rings. Above all, however, the DREAMFRAME serves for relaxation and provides a visual highlight in a bedroom for a cozy or even romantic ambience.

Unique Touch

One should leave traces in life. Another way to do this is with the BOND | Unique Homes ® carpet collection "Unique Touch". Individualized with a personal fingerprint, a Unique Touch rug is probably one of the most unique home accessories you can have or give as a gift. 

The hand tufted carpets are relief cut to highlight the pattern of the fingerprint. Sizes up to 9.20 meters, all common materials (virgin wool, silk, linen, artificial yarn, etc.) and colors are possible. Each carpet is a special handmade unique. 

Unique Touch Teppich